Directory of Electronic Text Search Engines

Catalog of LISTSERV lists. From this page, you can browse any of the 68,960 public LISTSERV lists on the Internet, search for mailing lists of interest, and get information about LISTSERV host sites.
E-mag Search
Home to electronic texts of all kinds, from the sacred to the profane, from the political to the personal. Our mission is to provide electronic versions of texts without judging their content.
Electronic Library
Electric Library Personal Edition makes it possible to conduct real research over the Internet, using a deep database of reliable sources.
Ezine Investigator
Search engine, directory and portal for free E-zines, Webzines and E-mail newsletters. Ezines are one of the richest and most powerful means of expression and communication on the internet. Our aim is to help you find ezines that match your interests while providing editors with a place for support and subscribers.
Topica is the leading independent provider of turn-key solutions for email newsletter publishers, from multinational media companies to individuals publishing news about a hobby or interest. Topica's flagship service, Topica Exchange, is a free email publishing service serving more than 70,000 individual publishers and delivering 100,000 newsletters on topics as diverse as Java development news, bargain shopping scoops, and pointers for working parents.
Publicly Accessable Mailing Lists
Searches for mailing lists.
The Comprehensive Internet Reference: Discussion & Information Lists on the Internet, Usenet Newsgroups, FTP sites, Computer Products Vendors and Internet & Web Design Companies.
Usenet FAQs
Utrecht CS News.Answers FAQ Access Methods. This is an archive of Frequently Asked Questions (faq's) and other periodic, informative articles, posted in the Usenet newsgroup - news.answers.